Running Posture: Muscle Vs. Bone. Understanding the Difference.

Running PostureAt Leapfrog Athletics we focus on the FUNDAMENTALS, one of which is running POSTURE.

In this post we will take a look at the difference when it comes to run efficiency: Muscle Vs. Bone.

We need to take a look at the primary FUNCTION of muscle and bone.  Our muscles serve the purpose of giving the body movement.  Our muscular systems are designed to MOVE US.  Our bones serve another function:  that of support.  It is understanding these two key functions that will allow for faster, more efficient running.

Run Posture is a function of aligning our bodies where we use our skelatol system for maximum support and engage our muscular system for the sole purpose of moving us forward in linear path.  Our posture consists not only of alignment of Head-Shoulder-Hip-Knee-Ankle/Foot;  but also the alignment of the Arm, the angle of our elbows and the position of our wrists.  At Leapfrog we address these postural issues with workouts and techniques to teach runners “how to” not only be aware of their individual posture but also how to correct any inefficientcies.

Why focus on Posture/Arm Position?  We want to address these issues for two key reasons:  1.  Injury Prevention 2.  Run Efficiency

Injury Prevention:  When we run with poor posture we are placing additional demands on our muscles and often times we are incurring a greater impact per stride which can lead to injury.  Common problems such as Back Pain, Tight Shoulders and Runners Knee can ofter be alieveated with corrections to our run posture.

Run Efficiency:  Muscles burn energy, bones do not (we understand that bones DO grow and repair themselves however during exercise the vast majority of energy consumed is by the muscular system.)  Understanding and being aware of your run posture will help you maximize your energy efficientcy.  For example:  if a runner has poor posture with their shoulders falling forward they are causing two adverse reactions:  1.  limiting their breathing capacity by constricting the expansion of the upper lung.  2.  They are putting demands on the muscles in thier lower back/lats to support the  shoulders and arms.  These muscular demands take both oxygen and fuel away from the big muscles in our hamstrings, quads and glutes therefore effecting our ability to perform.  We must always remember to keep the body in alignment for both maximum efficiency and run longevity.

Leapfrog Athletics prides itself on helping athletes of all ages/abilities/levels from all sports gain a better understanding of these concepts.  We believe in coaching athletes with Functional Workouts to teach proper mechanics so each athlete may have a long successful career!

I invite you to come check out a Leapfrog workout.  If you live in Naples or Ft. Myers please visit us at one of our 4 weekly run workouts:  Monday/Thursday 6pm OR Wednesday Friday 6am at the Community School of Naples.  We meet a few minutes before each workout in the first parking lot on your right once you enter campus (Located Livingston Rd. btwn. Orange Blossom and Pine Ridge.  Campus is off of Osceola Blvd.)  Your first workout with Leapfrog is free, after that you may sign up here at the website for any of our training programs.

Don’t Live Locally?  Stay tuned to the website for a FULL LIBRARY of workouts complete with VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS.   This feature is coming soon in 2014.

Thank You for CHOOSING Leapfrog Athletics for your coaching and training needs.


Matt Reedy


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