Run Faster using Build-Ups. Leapfrog Athletics

I often hear athletes ask: “How can I run faster? I want my Personal Best!”

At Leapfrog Athletics we are here to help everyone achieve their best possible results!! We believe in Training Smarter and being Efficient through Form & Fundamentals. It is with this in mind that we share with you The Importance of Build Ups in your training and racing strategy.

Using Build Ups prior to interval training and before races will help you achieve faster times and help to prevent injury. A build up consists of running a short distance (normally less than 100 meters) starting at a Slow Pace with a Short Stride, building to a faster turnover, focusing on an efficient stride, range of motion, and breathing as you accellarate to your top speed. You just want to “kiss” your top speed then allow yourself to slow back down. So you are building up to your top speed then immediately coming back down.

Adding Build Ups will help you run faster by achieving a few goals: It will raise your heart & breath rate thus preparing you for optimal performance without draining you. It will move the muscles through a larger range of motion than achieved on your basic warm up thus allowing them to feel more comfortable at the start of the interval/race. Build Ups also prepare the mind and body to RUN FAST>as we say at Leapfrog: “Prepare Yourself”

So before your next race/interval workout try incorporating a couple of build ups to see how they can enhance your performance!! You only need to do a few to gain huge rewards!!

Leapfrog Athletics: Helping YOU Leap the Competition…Prepare Yourself!!

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