“How To” Run Fast: Leapfrog Athletics SIGNATURE WORKOUT

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Leapfrog Athletics Signature Workout: The “How To” Run Fast Workout.
Have you ever wondered HOW some people run so fast?? How do some runners make it look SO EASY?? What’s their secret??

Leapfrog Athletics is here to break down the Mechanics of Pace Change to help share with everyone the secrets of fast running. We break down running to show athletes HOW to use different muscle groups, how to change breathing patterns, how to not just carry your torso, but how to — — USE your upper body to help you run more smoothly. To put it simply: We show you How To Build YOUR PACE.

Who can benifit from the Signature Workout?? Are you new to running?? Are you an experienced runner? Have your run a 5k? Have you run a Marathon? How fast do you run?? Does it matter?? The fact is: Fundamentals DO NOT CHANGE…the same mechanics that bring a six minute miler to a five minute miler ARE THE EXACT SAME as the mechanics needed by a 15 minute miler to become a 14 minute miler!! SO…Regardless of your experience, your run distance or how fast you run, YOU WILL BENIFIT from our Signature Workout.

Learn how to run with not only your legs…but with your whole body!! From your abdominals to your arms, through your wrists, down your shoulders…we break it all down!!

This workout HAPPENS THIS WEEK!! So don’t miss out. Signature workout goes on tomorrow: Monday July 14th at 6pm AND Wednesday July 16 at 6am. Both workouts last approx. 1 hour and happen at The Community School of Naples (located off of Livingston Rd. in Naples, just north of Pine Ridge.)

Your 1st workout at Leapfrog is FREE so come join us and see what all the buzz is about!! Then, sign up on-line here for our POWER RUN SERIES so you can continue to learn more. At Leapfrog you’ll learn to not only Run Faster, but to Run Stronger, Run Efficiently and Run Easier.

As Always: Thank YOU for Choosing Leapfrog Athletics.

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