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Join Us as we “Switch Gears” during the Summer Months for Swim, Bike & Run GROUP COACHING/TRAINING WORKOUTS.

Workouts Include:

OPEN WATER SWIMMING focusing on: *Breathing, Sighting, Swimming in a Group, Entering/Exiting the Water, Body Position & Stroke Work.

Do YOU Panic? Leapfrog is here to help with Swim Drills and Workouts to help you gain comfort in the open water!

Do YOU Struggle to Breathe? Leapfrog will coach techniques to help you maintain your breath and give you options to help keep you calm.

Are YOU Comfortable in the Open Water? Leapfrog will provide a Safe and Friendly environment for you to train and gain both Comfort and Skills in the Open Water.

BIKE COACHING: Focusing On: *Shifting, Pedal Stroke, Turning, Cadence, Power, Hydrating, Mounting/Dismounting, Safety.

Leapfrog Athletics Tuesday Skills Ride

Do YOU fatigue quickly on the bike? Leapfrog will coach you the skills it takes to ride both Swiftly and Efficiently on the bike.

Do YOU experience calf/leg cramps on the bike? Leapfrog will work on your ability to hydrate while riding safely and work to ensure a proper pedal stroke/cadence.

Do YOU ride as fast as you desire? Leapfrog workouts will build speed, power and cadence so you can achieve faster speeds and better times!

RUN COACHING: Focusing On: *Form, Breathing, Stride, Posture, Turnover.

Leaping the Competition

Do YOU struggle to breath when running? Leapfrog will coach breathing and posture techniques so you can control your breathing and run strong.

Do YOU experience cramping or body/joint pain when running? Leapfrog Specializing in Run Form! We are here to correct any inefficiencies in your run form so you can run pain free and efficiently!

Do YOU have trouble with run Speed or Endurance? Leapfrog workouts will focus on Pace Change and Sustainability so you can run both Faster and Further!

Leapfrog Swim/Bike Workouts are Monday/Thursday 6-7:30pm Located in Venetian Village and Horizons Beach. Leapfrog Run Workouts are Held Wednesday/Friday morning 6-7am from Venetian Village. SIGN UP TODAY, You’ll be added to our Group Text Program to get specific location and workout details.

Your Price Includes Access to ALL 4 WORKOUTS! That’s OPPORTUNITY FOR 5 HOURS OF COACHED WORKOUTS/WEEK!!! Come to 1 or all 4 workouts each week! Leapfrog is Here to Serve All Your Coaching Needs!

*Single Month Options $110/Month.


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