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Leapfrog Athletics: Prepare YourselfLeapfrog Athletics is not only one of the most effective and gratifying running and triathlon training programs in Florida, if not the nation, it is also a (growing) community of like-minded, friendly people.

In fact, newcomers and veterans of Leapfrog Athletics will all tell you it is the community that sets it apart. Oh yea, did we also mention the superior and intelligent, non-judgmental and supportive training techniques employed by Leapfrog Coach Matt Reedy?

Coach Matt’s training philosophies take out all the mysteries of becoming a better athlete and puts training into common-sense language and practice anyone can understand and on which any aspiring athlete can build. He accepts you where you are and works with you personally to build from any level at which community members happen to be.

Put together, Coach Matt’s superior coaching and Leapfrog Athletics’ supportive community turns athletic training – or simply getting fit – into a joyful experience, which keeps people coming back year after year. That’s why our race kits and gear all say, “Team Effort.”

There are plenty of ways to reach out to Coach Matt and Leapfrog Athletics.

Please email him by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Call him: 239-272-7811

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Twitter  Follow and send a message on Twitter @LeapfrogAthlete.

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Or, if you happen to run into any Leapfroggers – you will know them because they will be smiling – ask them. They will be glad to tell you!

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