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Leapfrog Athletics Video: CLAM PASS WORKOUT.

What is Power Running? This video shows our Clam Pass Workout, the very definition of Power Running. You’ll see us running THROUGH the water, using our WHOLE BODY to Power Us through the water. Leapfrog Athletics believes in Functional Workouts, here we are learning about Power Running w/a focus on our Run Stride, Arm Position […]

Running Posture: Muscle Vs. Bone. Understanding the Difference.

At Leapfrog Athletics we focus on the FUNDAMENTALS, one of which is running POSTURE. In this post we will take a look at the difference when it comes to run efficiency: Muscle Vs. Bone. We need to take a look at the primary FUNCTION of muscle and bone.  Our muscles serve the purpose of giving […]

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7/6: This Week at Leapfrog Athletics. Workout & Event Schedule

Workout Schedule week of July 6th. DON’T MISS THE NEW SERIES STARTING IN JULY: POWER RUNNING!! Monday 6pm YMCA (Meet in parking lot on west side of the Y) Coached Workout: ARMS. Using your Upper Body Strength to Run. GOAL: To learn to run with your whole body. LEVELS: Beginner to Advanced. Run Workout: Light […]

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