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  • Perfect sunset at the Friday Swim/Sunset.

    It’s BACK!!! Friday Night Swim Social! 6pm Naples Beach Club

    Friday, March 4th. 6pm. WETSUIT LEGAL!! Don’t let the cold stop you:) Time to get “Back in the Water” End your work week with us at our Friday Night Swim Social!! Everyone is invited for a casual swim and beach hang out!! We welcome ALL LEVELS and encourage families to attend. Not a swimmer?? No […]

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  • Colorado Hills!

    Destination Race: LEADVILLE CO. Marathon & Heavy 1/2. June 18th, 2016

    Let’s TRAVEL and Have Fun with The Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half!! Come join us on this EXPERIENCE of racing through the mountains starting in the highest incorporated city in the U.S. Leadville is a small town with all the character and charm of the Old West. It’s tough environment is endured because of […]

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  • Matt Ready-4222

    Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 7

    Thoughts from the road. “Some days you’re the Dog; Some days you’re the Hydrant!” What is running?? Quite simply: it’s left foot, right foot…repeat! Again and again, over and over, step after step and mile after mile. Sometimes our feet fall easily, one in front of the other; other times it’s everything we have to […]

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  • “How To” Run Fast: Leapfrog Athletics SIGNATURE WORKOUT

    Leapfrog Athletics Signature Workout: The “How To” Run Fast Workout. Have you ever wondered HOW some people run so fast?? How do some runners make it look SO EASY?? What’s their secret?? Leapfrog Athletics is here to break down the Mechanics of Pace Change to help share with everyone the secrets of fast running. We […]

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  • Six Key Points of Leapfrog Run Training

    Coach Matt Reedy believes successful running – successful and enjoyable racing – is built on a foundation of solid principles of training. In his clinics and training sessions he sticks to these basic principles to help runners of all levels enjoy the sport more. They are: Breathing: Do you control your breath or does your […]

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  • Coach Matt on Video: Perceived Effort

    Leapfrog Athletics: Perceived Effort Running

    Here Coach Matt talks about Perceived Effort Running while training. Understanding “how” your breathing, shoulders, arm position, & foot strike ALL influence your heart rate. Understanding what you are doing and how that influences your capacity is the key to become a better runner, better athlete. Check back next week for Part 2 of Coach […]

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