Six Key Points of Leapfrog Run Training

running celebrationCoach Matt Reedy believes successful running – successful and enjoyable racing – is built on a foundation of solid principles of training. In his clinics and training sessions he sticks to these basic principles to help runners of all levels enjoy the sport more.

They are:

Breathing: Do you control your breath or does your breath control you? For many of us, it’s the latter, but breath control is imperative to strong running. Coach Matt teaches runners how to pay attention to their breathing, maximizing every inhale and exhale. Better yet, you’ll learn how to adjust your breath as necessary on the racecourse.

Pace Change: In the age of GPS watches, it’s hard not to get hung up on pace. But Coach Matt encourages all of his runners to switch off that watch and try running by perceived effort. From one day to the next the body varies in its ability to perform. Some days we’re slightly dehydrated, others we’re rested and fueled just perfectly. If you’re running by pace you could be pushing too hard when you’re just not feeling it. Likewise, you may not be pushing hard enough on the days when you’ve got extra pep in your step. By teaching his runners how to run by perceived effort, Coach Matt coaxes runners to their best times ever.

Form: Running is all about capacity. Most runners want to either develop the capacity to run faster or to run farther, but how do you do that? By improving your form you streamline your efficiency. The result is that you’re running becomes more energy efficient, and you can go both faster and farther. Best of all, with good form, you’re less likely to get injured.

Posture: Coach Matt works on everything from arm position to posture with his athletes, doing both drills and strength-training exercises toRunning Posture develop the most efficient—and safest—form possible. Get ready to do push ups, sit-ups and even run backwards as Coach Matt helps you perfect your best form ever.

Race Strategy: Careful training may be the blocks with which a great race day performance is built, but if you don’t cement your race with a solid race-day strategy, it’s easy for all those visions of a PR to come tumbling down. Coach Matt works with each of his athletes to build a race day plan. From how to fuel before the start line to how to time your finishing surge, every detail matters. Furthermore, he’ll help you learn how to race, from warming up, to passing other runners, to navigating congested water stops, to developing mental strategies for hitting the wall and running seamlessly through it.

Recovery: Think your run is over when the last interval is done? It’s not. Recovery is an important—and often ignored—piece of the training puzzle. Coach Matt will show you how to rest, recover and show up ready to rock your next workout. His philosophy is always quality over quantity, so expect to work hard—but never needlessly so. Proper recovery also helps runners avoid hitting frustrating plateaus and keeps injuries (and frustrating downtime) at bay.

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