RECOVERY: 3-Types for YOUR Training. Leapfrog Athletics

How do YOU Recover? In this video Coach Matt goes over 3 types of Recovery that every runner should incorporate into their training. At Leapfrog Athletics we coach not only the importance of, but the “How To” practice recovery.

Three types of Recovery? YES! Most of us are familiar with the “Day off” type of recovery. This is just as it sounds, taking time off to allow the body to fully repair itself thus increasing the body’s capacity for the upcoming runs. (Be sure to check out our Video on Capacity!)

The second type of Recovery is know as “Passive Recovery.” This is something we practice with interval training. It is pushing the body to a set time/distance and then stopping to allow recovery before repeating the time/distance. This type of Recovery is great and has many benefits!! We can vary the focus of repeats not only by changing the time/distance of the run, but also by the time allowed for recovery! Longer rest intervals have a different purpose than shorter rest intervals, at Leapfrog Athletics we vary the interval rest to achieve maximum results and to fit appropriately into overall training plans.

Finally we have “Active Recovery”. This is where Leapfrog Athletics excells!! Active Recovery is learning to Recover WHILE RUNNING!! In fact: our name “Leapfrog” comes from this philosophy of Active Recovery. At Leapfrog our Goal is to not only focus on an athletes top speed, but to teach each athlete “How To” recover from exertion without stopping, but by Actively Recovering such that they may excel throughout all paces and distances!! Active Recovery is where proper RUN FORM, POSTURE & BREATHING really make a difference!!

Leapfrog Athletics: “Building Better Runners!”

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