Race Strategy: One of Six Key Elements

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Careful training may be the blocks with which a great race day performance is built, but if you don’t cement your race with a solid race-day strategy, it’s easy for all those visions of a PR to come tumbling down.

Leapfrog Athletics works with each athlete to build a race day plan. From how to fuel before the start line to how to time your finishing surge, every detail matters. Furthermore, we’ll help you learn how to race, from warming up, to passing other runners, to navigating congested water stops, to developing mental strategies for hitting the wall and running seamlessly through it.

We will work on racing techniques like: “Taking Inventory” to prempt any possible breakdowns. We work on “Closing Gaps” that may occur while racing.  Leapfrog understands that “Racing is Passing” and we work to ensure you have to capacity to run strongly and efficiently ensuring you the best possible outcome.

Come train with Leapfrog Athletics and develop Your Stragegy for not only a succesful race, but for a successful running career.

Thanks for Choosing Leapfrog Athletics!

Matt Reedy


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