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Power Running - Coach Matt

Power Running

What exactly IS Power Running?

With Leapfrog Athletics getting ready to begin our next training session we have received a lot of questions about Power Running.

At Leapfrog we train athletes “How To” Run using your whole body: How to Accelerate, How to Maintain Pace, How to Recover…Keeping in mind FORM and MECHANICS.

To put it simply: Power Running is Running with more than just your legs…it’s using every muscle in your body. It’s how you breath, it’s where your arms are positioned, it’s the lenght of your stride at different times during your run!! At Leapfrog we understand that all these variables change…sometimes our breath is steady, sometimes our arms are relaxed, sometimes our stride is easy; and sometimes none of these things happen:) Power Running will help you better understand how these things happens and more importantly, How To Adjust when things don’t go right.

Power Running at Leapfrog is a 3 month training program that will teach you “how to” run with your whole body. We will address all the mechanics of Efficient Running thru workouts designed specifically for different body parts. Run workouts that focus on Core Strength, Arm Power, Leg Power and Breathing. We target each of these areas and then mend them together to help you achieve more POWER.

ARE YOU A TRIATHLETE?? If so, Power Running is perfect training for you!! As you get off your bike, your legs have been working hard…wouldn’t it be great to know How To use the rest of your body to help you run strong to the finish?? Power Running is an absolute must for any triathlete.

We will practice running on the track, through local parks, on paved paths, on the beach, in the water and conclude the series with our 4 week intensive on Hill Running!! As our motto states: “Prepare Yourself”

This is a 3 month series with 4 workouts each week: Monday/Thursday at 6pm and Wednesday/Friday at 6am. The location for the Monday 6pm and Wednesday 6am practice is ALWAYS at The YMCA off Pine Ridge Rd (Meet in the parking lot on the west side of the Y.) The Thursday 6pm and Friday 6am workouts are at various locations between Golden Gate and Immokalee Rd (Workout locations are announced at each practice and communicated via group text each week.) Each workout lasts approx. 1 hour.

DON’T MISS OUT!! Register Today. Come learn the “How To’s” of Running. Run Stronger, Run Longer, Run Faster…Run w/Leapfrog.

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