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Leapfrog Open Water Swim

Successful 1 Mile Open Water Swim

The following is a Re-Cap from the Leapfrog Athletics Triathlon Clinic, open water swim, held Sunday April 6th:

Our Triathlon Clinic continues over the next 7 weeks and we still have spots available!!  See our FULL SCHEDULE here and Sign Up Today at our Pro-Rated Pricing.

Well, we survived our second Open Water Swim Clinic at Leapfrog Athletics and I must say it was much nicer in the Gulf than last week!!  We covered over 1 MILE in the Gulf and we worked on 3 mechanics of swimming:  The Pull, Body Position/Rotation, and The Kick.  I’m certain each of us had a favorite, and one we didn’t really care for…Knowledge!  Knowing what feels right for you as well as knowing what you struggle with is a prime key to effective training.


Paddles: The Pull.  Here we are looking for what our hands/arms are doing Under The Water.  This is where we gain a majority of our movement.  The key here is to enter the water with your fingers pointing DOWN.  This will help you “catch” the water and propel you forward.  The second part of the pull is that you “finish your stroke” by moving your arm completely through the water.  When you are training on your own be sure to focus on entering the water with your fingers pointed down, and finish your stroke with your thumb touching your leg.

Buoy:  Body Position.  Here we are looking at swimming on top of the water.  We want to have our body position “On Plane” with the water, not sinking.  A good cue to this is if you feel air across your butt.  Noticing this feeling will help you know if you are sinking or maintaining good position on the water.  Body position is key to maintaining your speed while swimming, you want to establish GLIDE through the water. Fins:

The Kick.  Here we are looking at the work/speed our legs produce.  This is a contested point in triathlon since normally you swim first, then bike, then run…so some theories are that you do not kick as to save your legs.  The Fitness Challenge Triathlon is a REVERSE Triathlon so we want to use our legs as best we can.  With the kick there are two main points:  the kick starts at your hip and travels through a relaxed leg. When kicking we want to allow the whole leg to propel us, not kicking at only the knee/foot.  The second point is to know how draining the kick can be.  When kicking we are utilizing bigger muscle groups and therefor the demands on our heart and lung are greater.  Understanding your cardio level and your ability to breath should influence how strongly you kick.

I strongly advise anyone seeking additional swim training to contact a local swim coach or to visit the T-2 Aquatics page online.  We have a number of people who swam Sunday and already do the T2 program and I go there as well to better my swim skills.

ALSO:  Most Importantly: Continue to do Open Water Swims!!  Nothing will train you better then just getting in the water.  We have a FREE Swim/Social every Friday 6pm that meets in the sand in front of the beach bar at Naples Beach Hotel.  Starting in May I will be setting the Fitness Challenge Swim Course on every Friday so I strongly encourage you to come out, bring family & friends, enjoy some Open Water Swimming!!

Social follows all swims, BYOB, and stay for sunset!!

(ALSO: Mary Iamurri and Gulf Coast Runners host a FREE Wednesday night Fun Run followed by an open water swim from the Naples Beach Club, They will be running & swimming the course soon, so drop in and say “Hi” to Mary.  I’m there every other Wednesday as well!)

THIS WEEK (March 13) :   Bike Skills Sunday, 8am Start Time.  Arrive Early to set up your bike.  You must have a helmet to ride. REMEMBER: If you are considering using Clip Pedals, please have them for this training. I will be there at 7:30 to help get you started.

As always, I appreciate your business and I hope you’ll consider inviting your family & friends to upcoming clinics.  We are referral based at Leapfrog 🙂  Sign up today!

Thanks Again for Choosing Leapfrog Athletics for all your coaching needs!!   Matt Reedy Coach/Owner Leapfrog Athletics

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