Naples Fitness Challenge Triathlon Re-Cap and Celebration

Pre Race WOW! What a triathlon! The Naples Fitness Challenge is our original hometown race and the 2014 edition was spectacular!

First, we must congratulate ALL who raced, volunteered, supported and helped out behind the scenes…be it family, friends or anyone else who helped make Sunday a Success!!Post Race Celebration at the Leapfrog tent.

Second…I’m in awe of so many FIRST TIMERS out there discovering triathlon!! The courage it takes to “accept the challenge” of triathlon…

Triathlon - Leapfrog Athletics Team Effort

Leapfrog Athletics – Team Effort

Third…To those who CHOSE Leapfrog for your training: THANK YOU!! You men and women put forth A TON of EFFORT at our practices!! You all pushed, not only yourselves but each other!! We had so many Personal Bests!! Well done!

Fourth…To Linda Gregory, the race director, and all of the “behind the scenes” people/volunteers: You all rock!! The dedication of time and effort in putting on a race like this…well I’ve learned a lot just being a small part of the network of friends that make this race happen. Hats off to: Joe Bonnes, Mary Iamurri, Cole, Lisa, Ann, Alysia, Erikka, Drew, George, Susan, those at GCR and NATS who support this race (My apologies to all whom I forgot to mention by name…you have my respect by your actions:)

Lastly… I would like to share a thought on Sunday’s Race: it doesn’t matter where the clock ranks us. It matters HOW WE GOT THERE… The ranking is but a point on our map…it’s our journey and what really matters is who we influence on our travels. I’m very proud of ALL OF YOU for your journey!!

Keep moving forward and we will continue to be there to CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS at the finish!! Cheers!! Matthew A. Reedy-Coach Leapfrog Athletics

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