The Leapfrog Training Philosopy

At Leapfrog our training is based on 3 principles:

1. Perceived Effort:

Perceived effort is training the mind to trust the body.  We learn to listen  to our bodies and run as our training allows.  We are less focused on “scientific” methods such as heart rate and pace, we are more focused on learning to monitor effort and make adjustments.

2.  Effort vs Pace:

Running - Breathing     This is a key training distinction we make at Leapfrog Running.  Effort is defined as what we are doing from the waist up:  It’s how we breath, our posture, arm position, shoulder position and how our upper body syncs with what our legs are doing.

Pace is nothing more than a measurement of how fast our legs move us across the track.  Pace is Independent from Effort.  In other words, a 15-minute mile pace can sometimes be very easy effort and at other times it can be hard effort (think of running 3 miles versus 26…)  Any pace can be run at any effort.

3.  Negative Splits:

Negative Splits is the idea that we end our runs/races faster than we begin them.  This builds on the importance of WARM-UP for all our runs.

Negative Splitting a run allows us to warm-up and then build our pace.  We continue to practice Active Recovery during our longer runs/races to enable us to continually work towards negative splits.

We Can Post the 4 Efforts or Not, I’m not motivated either way.  We can post them later as Blog Content if you prefer or use them with the 3 philosophies above.  Your Choice:)


The 4 Efforts:


Matt Ready-800Easy Effort: Run however you feel…easy doesn’t mean slow!!  Just relax and run, accept whatever pace the body feels like running.

Medium Effort: Running with a focus of YOUR BREATHING.  Practicing an “active exhale”  2 count inhale and 2 count exhale.  Chest rises on the inhale and shoulders fall down the back on the exhale.  You  won’t be able to breath this way for the entire run, but you want to keep focused on your breath and practicing having it under control.

Brisk Effort: Running with your upper body engaged.  You have your active breath and you are generating turnover with your arms.  You are practicing running fast/strong.  Your breath rate will increase as you engage more muscles, this is ok!  You’re generating speed.

Hard Effort: Exhale Matching Footstrike. You are running fast and feeling coordinated!!  You will be practicing “active recovery” as you push yourself on these runs.

EFFORT vs. PACE:  Effort is all FORM BASED


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