Leapfrog Running Fundamentals: Breathing

Leapfrog RunningBreathing: Do you control your breath or does your breath control you? That’s the question we encourage you to ask yourself while running.

The number one expressed concern at practice is that a runner is out of breath.  We address this issue with teaching various breathing techniques like the 2 count inhale and 2 count exhale.  We tackle the “outta breath” question with workouts designed to train athletes on “How To” breath.


When we run, our bodies require different levels of fuel, oxygen, and different use of mechanics.  It should go without saying that running 1 mile vs. a marathon requires a different approach.  It is the same with running in different climates, elevations and various paces.  Leapfrog Athletics trains athletes with diffent approaches to breathing based on these variables.  We use Functional Training to isolate specific muscle groups to bring awareness to what muscles we are engaging and which ones we are relaxing.

If you find yourself struggling with Breathing at any pace/distance you’ll want to come to a Leapfrog practice where we will give you specific techniques to solve your issue and ensure you a quality/efficient run.  Our goal is your success!!

Thank You for CHOOSING Leapfrog Athletics!! We look forward to seeing you at a Leapfrog event soon.


Matt Reedy


Leapfrog Athletics


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