Get moving! It’s Triathlon Training Time!!!

Triathlon BikeDust off those winter doldrums, step up from your off-again-on-again maintenance pace: it’s triathlon training time in Southwest Florida!!

Coach Matt’s fabled weekend triathlon training series gets underway March 23 for newcomers to advanced triathletes.

Learn running, biking, swimming, transition in fun-filled group activities. This series is a fantastic way to learn the basics of triathlon and get in condition! The spring session, which runs through May 25, leads up to the annual Naples Fitness Challenge Sprint Triathlon on June 1.

It only costs $150 and you can sign up here.

Locations for the Leapfrog Spring Triathlon Training Series:
Horizon Beach-Located on Gulf Shore Blvd. North, between Harbor Drive and Park Shore Drive. Beach Access is directly across from the waterfall feature on N. Gulf Shore Drive.
Naples Beach Club-practice “On The Course.”

1st Clinic: Sun. March 23rd 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
General Triathlon Overview. Short Mini’s!! We get you started Right Away with Short Course Run/Bike/Swim Mini Triathlons! Get confidence
right from the start with these short versions of triathlon! Gain experience and knowledge as well as learning first hand YOUR questions and

2nd Clinic: Sun March 30th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Swimming: Swimming. Stroke/Breath Work. Sighting. Swimming in a Group.
Entering & Exiting the Water. Dophin Diving. Sighting. Swimming the Distance.

3rd Clinic: Sun. April 6th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Swimming in a group. Long Swim.

Leapfrog Triathlon4th Clinic: Sun. April 13th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Bike Skills. Shifting. Mounting/Dismounting. Riding Speed/Distance

5th Clinic: Sat. April 19th 8a.m. Horizon Beach
Bike: Mounting/Dismounting. Run to Bikes Transition.

6th Clinic: Sat. April 26th 8a.m. Horizon Beach
Run/Bike Work. “How To” Run and Bike together. “Brick Workout.”

7th Clinic: Sat. May 3rd 8a.m. Horizon Beach
Short Mini’s! Run/Bike/Swim Full workout with timed transitions.
½ mile run/2 mile bike/100meter swim. Repeat w/Negative Split times.

8th Clinic: Sat. May 10th 8a.m. Horizon Beach
Long Mini’s! Run/Bike/Swim Full Workout, Each Mini Timed.
1 mile run/4.5mile bike/300meter swim. Repeat.

9th Clinic Sun. May 18th 8a.m. Start Naples Beach Club! Bike the Course!

10th Clinic: Sun. May 25th 8a.m. Start Naples Beach Club! Full Transition Set Up. Run/Bike/Swim the Course-Timed!
We’re looking forward to working with EACH OF YOU to bring you your best race ever!! It’s our goal to provide safe, knowledgeable, effective coaching to not only answer your questions but to set in place good habits for a lifetime of successful training and racing!! See YOU at Practice!!

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2 Responses to “Get moving! It’s Triathlon Training Time!!!”

  1. Marcy May 20, 2014 at 10:32 pm #

    I just learned about the practice timed course this Sunday. Can anyone sign up for it even if he/she is not registered for the official Naples Tri this year? Will the bike course be marked? How many are you expecting for the practice course?

    • Matt Reedy May 21, 2014 at 7:47 am #

      Marcy, Thanks for reaching out!! Yes. The practice is open to everyone, there is a $20 drop in fee. We will have full transition & swim buoys out. The course is OPEN for traffic so everyone is expected to obey ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. We are timing everyone to give a ballpark figure for the upcoming race. Please arrive early to set your bike up. Thanks for choosing Leapfrog!! See you Sunday!!

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