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Fitness Friday!! Swim, Social & Sunset

Leapfrog Athletics invites YOU to end your work week the Leapfrog Way with Fitness Friday!! Join Leapfrog & friends at the Naples Beach Club this and every Friday as we Celebrate the end of the work with with our “Fitness for a Beer.” Enjoy an ALL LEVELS open water swim or come for a nice […]

Triathlon - Team Leapfrog Athletics

6/8: This Week at Leapfrog Athletics. Workout & Event Schedule

Workout Schedule week of June 8th. Monday 6pm YMCA (Meet in parking lot on west side of the Y) Coached Workout: BREATHING DRILLS: Belly Breathing/Abdominal Work. Lung Capacity/Rate of Breath. GOAL: Increase lung capacity while running. Maintain & Control Your Breath. ALL LEVELS: Beginner to Advanced. Run Workout: 40 Minute “Light Post Workout” Easy/Medium/Brisk REPEAT. […]

Power Running - Coach Matt

6/1: This Week at Leapfrog Athletics

Workout Schedule week of June 1st. Monday 6pm YMCA (Meet in parking lot on west side of the Y) Coached Workout: ACTIVE RECOVERY: Backwards and Range of Motion. Stride and Muscle Recovery Work. GOAL: Aid in Muscle Recovery, To improve stride efficiency, Increase Range of Motion. ALL LEVELS: Beginner to Advanced. Run Workout: 5 Mile […]


5/25: This Week at Leapfrog Athletics

Workout Schedule week of May 25th. Monday 6pm PRACTICE IS CANCELLED. MEMORIAL DAY. Racing Option: 5k Race Judicata at North Collier Regional Park. Details Here Tuesday 6:30am FREE WORKOUT. ALL WELCOME. Cambier Park: SKILLS RIDE. (meet 8th Street South Side, across from the parking garage) Coached Ride: Pedaling Through Turns. Learn to PEDAL, BRAKE & […]

Coach Matt on Video.  Here we talk about the 2 Run Capacities.

5/18: This Week at Leapfrog Athletics

Workout Schedule week of May 18th. Monday 6pm YMCA (Meet in parking lot on west side of the Y) Coached Workout: PICK UP YOUR FEET. Stride and Cadence Workout building into Skip Step Drill. GOAL: To improve stride efficiency, help “shuffle step runners,” and increase speed. ALL LEVELS: Beginner to Advanced. Run Workout: Small Group […]

Coach Matt on Video

Leapfrog Athletics Video: Quality, Quantity & Rest

In this video Coach Matt talks about training quality runs vs. quantity of runs and the importance of rest. Knowing “WHY” you’re running and what the goal is for each run will help your training immensely. Learning to “Run with Purpose” instead of just logging miles. Leapfrog Athletics believes in QUALITY RUNS and being certain […]

Training Plans: “The Method to the Madness”

Here Coach Matt talks about following training plans and “The Method to the Madness.” When following a training plan it’s important to remember that they are not written as individual workouts but instead as a structured training towards your goal. Each workout is written based on both the previous workouts and the workouts to follow. […]

leapfrog athletics

2015 Leapfrog Year In Full: BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS

2015 YEAR IN FULL DETAILS: 12 Months of UNLIMITED LEAPFROG TRAINING!! RUNNING W/LEAPFROG: February “Hill Series” ($65/1 Month) March “Active Recovery Series” ($65/1Month) April-June “5k Training” ($165/3Month) July-September “Power Running Series” ($165/3Month) October-January 2015 “1/2 Marathon Training” ($185/4Months) TRIATHLON W/LEAPFROG 10 Week Naples Fitness Challenge Clinic. Progressive clinic with focus on Running/Biking/Swimming along with Transitioning. […]

Coach Matt talks 3 types of Recovery

RECOVERY: 3-Types for YOUR Training. Leapfrog Athletics

How do YOU Recover? In this video Coach Matt goes over 3 types of Recovery that every runner should incorporate into their training. At Leapfrog Athletics we coach not only the importance of, but the “How To” practice recovery. Three types of Recovery? YES! Most of us are familiar with the “Day off” type of […]

Leapfrog Triathlon

Video: Training Form & Fundamentals, WHO trains w/Leapfrog.

Coach Matt share what types of athlete Leapfrog is designed to train. We focus on Training Form & Fundamentals. Our Goal is to Maximize Efficiency and Prevent Injury. Both Beginners and those with Competative Desire are welcome and encouraged to train with Leapfrog Athletics. Our focus on Injury Prevention and Training Fundamentals will help Beginners […]

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