2014 Leapfrog Athletics Fall Triathlon Clinic Info

Leapfrog Athletics Presents Fall Triathlon Clinic:
10 Session Beginner/Intermediate
Triathlon Clinic
Training for Sprint Distance Triathlon
Space is Limited! Register Today.

Race Specific Training for the Marco Island Sprint Triathlon. October 5, 2014

Where: Horizon Beach & “On The Course” in Marco Island.
When: Weekly, July 27th-Sept. 21st (Detailed Schedule Below) 8-9:30a.m.
Cost: The clinic is designed to be progressive and is $150.00 per person for all 10 sessions. Drop in rate is $20. Sign Up Today!

Dear Athletes,

The Challenge of Triathlon is once again upon us!! It’s time to set those goals and get busy training! Let us at Leapfrog Athletics help you get started!! Sign up today for The Marco Island Triathlon (or any other triathlon.)

The hardest part is now done, you’ve signed up!! Now you’re racing regardless. The question now becomes: How well will YOU do? How will YOU train? How fast can YOU go??

Leapfrog Athletics is offering a 10 session Beginner/Intermediate Triathlon Clinic. This clinic is perfect for beginner triathletes as well as moderately experienced athletes. Each 90 minute session will be working on the fundamentals of triathlon with WORKOUTS that emphasize particular points of swimming/biking and running as they apply to triathlon racing. We will set up swim buoys, bike racks and go over transitioning from one discipline to the next.

Why Beginner? We are here to answer all your questions from what to wear, how to shift gears, what to bring and the rules governing triathlon.

Why Intermediate? This clinic is intermediate because each practice is a physical workout: swim drills and distance, bike drills and workouts, run drills and workouts. We practice entering and exiting the water, dolphin diving, running mounts and dismounts for the bike, biking at moderate speeds, the importance of transition times and running a strong 5k.

Each Clinic meets for approx. 90 minutes on both Saturdays and Sundays (*Check Schedule modifications)

NEW THIS YEAR: A weekly training guide with run/bike and swim training recommendations! “PREPARE YOURSELF” w/Leapfrog workouts and FREE Additional Trainings!

ALSO: You’re Invited to share in the Leapfrog Post Race Celebration at our Custom Tent!! You’ve seen the pictures now come join in the celebration with your training partners, family and friends. All are welcome as celebrate YOUR SUCCESS!!

Horizon Beach-Located on Gulf Shore Blvd. North, between Harbor Drive and Park Shore Drive. Beach Access is directly across from the waterfall feature on N. Gulf Shore Drive.
Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort-practice “On The Course.”

1st Clinic: Sun. July 27th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
General Triathlon Overview. Short Mini’s!! We get you started Right Away with Short Course Swim/Bike/Run Mini Triathlons! Get confidence
right from the start with these short versions of triathlon! Gain experience and knowledge as well as learning first hand YOUR questions and

2nd Clinic: Sat. Aug. 2nd 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Swimming: Entering & Exiting the Water. Dophin Diving. Sighting. Swimming the Distance.

3rd Clinic: Sun. Aug. 3rd 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Swimming in a group. Long Swim.

4th Clinic: Sun. Aug. 10th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Bike Skills. Shifting. Bike Drills. Riding Speed/Distance

5th Clinic: Sat. Aug. 16 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Bike: Mounting/Dismounting. Bike to Run Transition.

6th Clinic: Sun. Aug. 17th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Swim/Bike Work. Making the Transition. “Brick Workout.”

7th Clinic: Sun. Aug. 24th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Run Workout. Triathlon Specific.

8th Clinic: Sun. Sept. 7th 8a.m. Horizon Beach.
Bike/Run. Working the Transition.

9th Clinic Sat. Sept. 13th 8a.m. Start Marco Island Marriot!
(Park at San Marco Church) Bike the Course!

10th Clinic: Sat. Sept. 21st 8a.m. Start Marco Island Marriott!
Full Transition Set Up. Swim/Bike/Run the Course-Timed!

We’re looking forward to working with EACH OF YOU to bring you your best race ever!! It’s our goal to provide safe, knowledgeable, effective coaching to not only answer your questions but to set in place good habits for a lifetime of successful training and racing!! See YOU at Practice!!

Thanks Again for the Opportunity!!

Matt Reedy
Coach/Owner, Leapfrog Athletics
(239) 272-7811

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