What 2 Expect: 5k Training Week One Recap. Leapfrog Athletics: “Prepare Yourself”


Leaping the Competition

Getting Started w/5k Training. What to expect.

Here is a Re-Cap of what happened last week at Leapfrog Athletics 5k Training.  As you’ll read, we are more then just a run workout!!  Each week at pratice we break running down into key fundamentals and coach athletes of all levels with specific workouts/techniques to make everyone a faster, more efficient runner.

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Greetings Everyone!!

Thanks for Getting Started with Leapfrog Athletics 5k Training!!

Our 1st week was tough one for certain!! We started with The Signature Workout: Mechanics of Pace Change.  Here we learned about the different muscle groups we use as we begin to run at faster paces.  At Leapfrog we coach six different efforts:  Warm-Up, Easy, Medium, Brisk, Hard and Sprint.  Below is a general outline of the Four Paces we worked on at practice Monday:

The 4 Efforts:

Easy Effort=Run however you feel…easy doesn’t mean slow!!  Just relax and run, accept whatever pace the body feels like running.

Med. Effort=Running with a focus on YOUR BREATHING.  Practicing an “active exhale”  2 count inhale and 2 count exhale.  Chest rises on the inhale and shoulders fall down the back on the exhale.  You won’t be able to breath this way for the entire run, but you want to keep focused on your breath and practicing having it under control.

Brisk Effort=Running with your upper body engaged.  You have your active breath and you are generating turnover with your arms.  You are practicing running fast/strong.  Your breath rate will increase as you engage more muscles, this is ok!  You’re generating speed.

Hard Effort=Exhale Matching Footstrike.  You are running fast and feeling coordinated!!  You will be practicing “active recovery” as you push yourself on these runs.

EFFORT vs. PACE:  Effort is all FORM BASED

*** Don’t forget: Always incorporate a warm up!!  It is here where we generate heat in muscles, allow the body to begin the cooling process and we allow time to evaluate how our body is feeling.  One of the biggest mistakes I see made is either no warm up at all OR warming up to fast…Remember: There is no award for winning the warm up:)

Our second practice of the week was our BASELINE 5k Workout.  The 6pm workout got cut short with the lacrosse game going on, but we still managed to get a couple miles in.  I was looking for three things:  1.  Your mile time.  2. Your endurance/how well you held up on each progressive mile.  3.  To see who may need an extra “push” at practice…in other words: who held back on the first couple then pushed the last one.  As a coach I have to not only look at Run Form/Pace, but also at each Personality to find the best way to motivate each athlete.

Here is the workout for both the 6pm and 6am group.  It is in no particular order and just for your knowledge.  Each workout for the next 12 weeks will be based on YOUR TIMES!!  Each week our training will progress so you will learn to be both faster and more efficient.

Leapfrog Athletics   April 10th 6pm  and April 11th 6am

(*Please note: Times have been removed for privacy. All Athletes completed at least 2 miles, not everyone completed all 4.  We coach to ALL ABILITIES*)

4 by 1 Mile Repeats, 4 Minutes Rest

Name            Mile1           Mile 2           Mile 3           Mile 4           Average Mile            Average 1/4







Laura G













Chris Smith





Laurie Rose


Suggested Weekly Miles:

Beginner:  1 Easy Run 2-3 miles

Intermediate:  1 Easy Run 3-5 miles;  1 Long Run 4-6 Miles (Medium Effort)

Advanced:  1 Easy Run 3-5 miles;  1 Long Run 5-7 Miles (Medium Effort)  1-Four Mile Run, Negative Split Each Mile


Thanks Again for CHOOSING Leapfrog Athletics!! As always we are a referral based business and we appreciate all your kind words and help.

See YOU Next Week as we work more on Run Form/Posture. Sign up Today!


Matt Reedy


Leapfrog Athletics


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